For almost 30 years, Joe Takai has been developing technologies for visual methods and envisioning business development strategies and digital capabilities for product and service markets. He’s provided creative and technology services for influential companies the world over, and he continues to design groundbreaking visual products and platforms along the way.

As a Partner at BCG Digital Ventures, Joe develops innovation ventures for key partners across the energy, mobility, consumer and technology industries. He leads and mentors a wide range of multidisciplinary teams based on his more than three decades of experience in architecture, design, digital technology, product management, feature film and consumer services.

Joe is an impassioned visual storyteller with a deep commitment to the wide field of innovation. His contributions to feature film, technology and design continue to revolutionize these respective industries, and his interactive products create pathways for unlimited creativity. In the digital startup ecosystem, Joe specializes in data management, tool development, design-led strategy and IT infrastructure.

Before joining BCG Digital Ventures, Joe was the former Head of Production Engineering for Lucasfilm/Industrial Light + Magic and the Senior Product and Technology Leader for several Early Stage Startups. Joe has contributed to notable feature films, including The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Star Wars Episode 1, Titanic and The Matrix sequels, among many others. He has served as Visual Effects Supervisor/Technology Supervisor for Warner Bros. He is also a voting member of the Television Academy and an eligible voter for the Primetime Emmy Awards.